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The Website Is Up And Running

Welcome to American Rattlesnake.  Advertisements

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Coming Attraction

Hopefully, by the end-if not the middle-of this coming week I’ll have a new website up, thanks to my partner in crime. It’ll address many of the same issues, but in a much different forum. The time for discussion has … Continue reading

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R.I.P. McInnes For Governor

It’s really unfortunate that it should come to this, but it looks like the self-sabatoge of the Scott McInnes campaign has led Tom Tancredo to consider jumping into the race. Someone who had a pretty decent record on immigration … Continue reading

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Culture Clash

Two news stories that have captured the public’s imagination, and which are interrelated, are the proposed construction of a mosque within sight of Ground Zero and the “burqa ban” which British immigration minister Damien Green has categorically ruled out because … Continue reading

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We Like Brian Bilbray

And this, my friends, is why:

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Immigration In Popular Culture

The eternal lure of migration and the appeal of the immigrant story writ large is something that Hollywood knows how to exploit with some degree of panache. American popular culture is filled with stories of exile and struggle and the … Continue reading

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How’re We Doing?

One of the first big-city mayors to embrace the concept of sanctuary city laws has a change of heart. Read about it here:

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