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Obama Administration Defies Public Opinion

A headline I’m sure that you’re likely to encounter many times in the ensuing weeks, although perhaps not as bluntly limned. It turns out that most Americans support the right of states to maintain law and order within their boundaries, … Continue reading

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Defying Expectations…

At least, those of the mainstream media, and various race-baiting, open-borders organizations like the NCLR, MALDEF, and LULAC. Good news from Arizona: I’ve never been a particular fan of Larry Klayman in the past, but anyone who’s willing to … Continue reading

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Being Lucky and Being Right

A pretty astute analysis of  Arizona gubernatorial politics, and how one decision changed the political landscape of an entire state. From WaPo:

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Democratic Skittishness; Double Standards

I came across an interesting blog post today, exploring various Democrat governors who are expressing skepticism towards the Department of Justice’s decision to sue the state of Arizona over its recently enacted law, SB 1070: If you can ignore … Continue reading

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