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Obama Administration Defies Public Opinion

A headline I’m sure that you’re likely to encounter many times in the ensuing weeks, although perhaps not as bluntly limned. It turns out that most Americans support the right of states to maintain law and order within their boundaries, … Continue reading

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We Like Brian Bilbray

And this, my friends, is why:

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How’re We Doing?

One of the first big-city mayors to embrace the concept of sanctuary city laws has a change of heart. Read about it here:

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Political Exploitation

From one of my favorite bloggers comes word that the amnesty coalition in Congress is trying a new tack in its bid to enact “comprehensive immigration reform.” The legislation appears to be part of an effort to strengthen support … Continue reading

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The Passion of Pedro Espada Jr.

It seems that the much-beleaguered former head of our state’s short-lived experiment in coalition government now believes that his extensive legal and political problems arise from his fight for immigrant rights, whatever that well-worn phrase implies. It’s remarkable when you … Continue reading

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Equal Time

Since I’ve already tweaked libertarians for their sincerely-held views on this subject, I think it’s only fair to turn my focus upon those within organized labor-particularly the current leaders of the American labor movement-who ostensibly believe in a tight labor … Continue reading

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Democratic Skittishness; Double Standards

I came across an interesting blog post today, exploring various Democrat governors who are expressing skepticism towards the Department of Justice’s decision to sue the state of Arizona over its recently enacted law, SB 1070: If you can ignore … Continue reading

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