R.I.P. McInnes For Governor

It’s really unfortunate that it should come to this, but it looks like the self-sabatoge of the Scott McInnes campaign has led Tom Tancredo to consider jumping into the race.


Someone who had a pretty decent record on immigration and border security issues while in Congress, and who has made his support for Governor Jan Brewer and SB 1070 pretty explicit in recent days, McInnes could have ushered in a new era for a state that was chiefly known as a haven for illegal alien fugitives.


Another Mexican national has been charged in the May 8 slaying of a Denver police officer and was arrested after fleeing to Mexico. Raul Gomez-Garcia is also accused of wounding a second police officer in the same shooting. The Denver District Attorney’s Office is attempting to extradite Gomez-Garcia to face trial in Colorado.

It looks like the result of this internecine warfare will be the victory of current Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper,  who is not that expansive on the subject, to say the least.


To that, Merritt jotted the following note: “Mike, we’re on the on the front page of The Postsaying we would veto the law. Period.”

I then asked if that was his only response to the passel of questions I’d sent. He replied, “That and our statement. Tx.”

So we have him on record as opposing SB 1070. In other words, his current position is much worse than the presumptive Republican nominee, whose campaign appears to be going down in flames. Whether Mr. Tancredo will be able to, or is inclined to, take advantage of this situation remains to be seen, but I think the end-result will be a loss for Colorado taxpayers and American citizens.

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