See No Evil

Apparently, there are no illegal aliens working in the building and construction trades in the state of Nevada.

Who knew?!

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2 Responses to See No Evil

  1. ETat says:

    Quite a battlefield in MM’s comments section.

    Construction industry is very polarized now: on one hand, there are government bids that will only allow union-labor construction companies to compete for $multi-million job (and to comply with other regulations, like being on a list…) – 2 years ago the labor cost part of a typical government construction estimated at $500/sf.
    On the other, majority of contractors can not afford to employ even a non-union but legal worker – in this market of high supply they have to lower their bid, so they hire illegals.
    Who’s suffering? American skilled workforce – and the customers, who are provided with contractors unable to understand English instructions and not trained in the local codes, regulations and methods of construction.

    • I agree. It’s hypocritical, and counterproductive.

      The objective seems to be to placate politically connected union heads, while shutting out anyone who’s actually abided by the existing rules. I had a conversation with a construction worker who showed me all of the cards and licenses he needed to acquire simply in order to work, which now seem pointless.

      I’m still reminded of the Ecuadorean illegal alien who murdered Adrienne Shelly because she had the audacity to complain about him making a racket as she was writing a film script. The fact that he-and the 12 or so men he was boarding with-shouldn’t have been here in the first place never seems to have crossed the minds of the so-called journalists reporting that story.

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