One thing I hope to accomplish with this blog-despite its admittedly modest ambitions-is to broaden the debate about immigration, which is indeed a global, not a national, or even regional, problem. Of course, many of the same forces that are attempting to politically and culturally reshape this country, e.g. the current political establishment, religious or quasi-religious institutions, the mass media, immigration attorneys, politically engaged ethnic lobbies, among others, are also at work in other Western nations that are experiencing an immigration crisis.

Perhaps the closest analogue to the United States is its traditional ally Australia, which does not share a land border with any reliable source of emigration, obviously, but which has recently been subjected to a prolonged, ¬†peaceful invasion of boat people hailing from various global hot spots, e.g. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, certain parts of Southeast Asia, reminiscent of The Camp of The Saints. It can be plausibly argued that the previous Australian government’s failure to adequately address this issue lead to the ultimate defeat of Prime Minister John Howard, and the election of his rival, Labor leader Kevin Rudd. Interestingly enough, Mr. Rudd has now been replaced by a woman who’s experiencing her own political birth pangs as a result of Australia’s inability to address the problem of distraught refugees arriving to its shores by boat.

After attempting to farm out its border policing duties to various neighboring locales, e.g. Indonesia, East Timor, perhaps Nauru now that its president has generously proffered his services, Australia now finds itself in the tricky situation of deciding what to do with thousands of guests who were not invited, and whose lifestyles Australians don’t wish to subsidize for the ensuing several decades. If the governing party in the country were honest, it would state the facts plainly and honestly-as delineated above-but instead, its leader has decided to engage the public in another pointless “conversation,” which, like most conversations on this subject, will undoubtedly be one-sided and aggravating to people who blanche at being labeled “racists” for expressing commonly held political opinions.

Thank goodness for whistleblowers!


Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says Senator Evans’ comments are a remarkable admission of failure.

“It says that he thinks his job is to try and re-educate Australians who disagree with his view,” he said.

“But it also says that the Government thinks that it’s just a message, that it’s not about policy.

Does that sound familiar? It should, because that’s essentially been the strategy of their American counterparts, the Democratic Party, President Obama-and his predecessor in office, President Bush-as well as most of the political cognoscenti who routinely bestow their enlightened opinions about this subject upon us, for the past four years. If only the ignorant, bigoted, parochial peasants would listen! Then perhaps all of our problems would be solved. Not the problems of welfare subsistence among new “political refugees,” or the increased criminality of newcomers who were not properly vetted, or the increased taxation required to integrate these people into the existing welfare state, or any of the other assorted problems that arise from unfettered immigration. But it would allow all of these selfless public servants-whose reputations have been irreparably tarnished during this debacle-to take a breather, and isn’t that what really matters?

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