Genuine Liberalism

One of the labels that the immigration reform movement often gets tagged with by our opponents-other than “racist” or “xenophobe”-is “right wing.” The reason being that most of the prominent leaders in the campaign to alter the current status quo of unfettered, mass immigration can be classified, broadly speaking, as conservative.

Mark Krikorian is a conservative researcher and writer who leads the Center for Immigration Studies-an indispensable resource in the current battle over immigration flows. Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative historian whose writing on this subject has added immeasurably to our collective understanding of migration patterns, and the problems of assimilation in a culture where temporal barriers between different nations and cultures have been effectively erased. George Borjas is a distinguished economist from Harvard University, but one who is also closely associated with conservatism. I could go down the line, e.g. Roy Beck, Heather MacDonald, William Gheen, Congressman Steve King, etc., etc., ad infinitum, but I think you get the point.

The problem, as I see it, is not that liberals don’t want to see a dramatic change to our current immigration system, much in the same way as the individuals I listed above seek to change it, because repeated polls have shown that most Americans-even a substantial number of those who describe themselves as liberal or progressive-do want to see the system reformed to reflect a more balanced approach to the problem of immigration. It is that their purported leaders do not share their vision, and in fact work against their interests whenever the opportunity arises. Just look at President Obama’s decision to sue the state of Arizona because its legislature has decided to enforce laws that should be the primary province of a derelict federal government. Most of the people who voted for President Obama, or at the very least, a substantial minority of those voters, want to see SB 1070 take effect, and would even support a similar measure if enacted in their own states. But their pleas fall on deaf ears.

While the ostensible representatives of liberal Americans seem to be arrayed against their interests-and the interests of Americans-the good news is that there are progressives who haven’t given up the fight. One such group is Progressives for Immigration Reform, whose website you’ll find by visiting this link:

I bet you didn’t even realize there were progressives who are in favor of real immigration reform, did you?  Show them you support their efforts, even if you don’t consider yourself a progressive. These are the people who are carrying on the grand legacy of Congresswoman Barbara K. Jordan, a woman whose valiant efforts to rein in our chaotic immigration system are completely ignored by the CBC and DNC. They might praise her name, but they don’t have the slightest clue what she stood for, otherwise they’d be supporting the work of real progressives to change our immigration system for the better, not to worsen problems that already exist.

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2 Responses to Genuine Liberalism

  1. Levois says:

    What you say about Barbara K. Jordan is news to me. I will assume she’s often held progressive views.

    Besides I remember years and years ago when I was more of a youngin the RNC would have this TV program called Rising Tide and they should Ms. Jordan giving a tongue lashing to George W. Bush. I don’t remember if he was actually Governor of Texas or was running for that position. I am certain that they were at exactly the same church service on that occasion.

    If we know nothing about her thoughts on what to do about illegal immigration I wonder if that challenges what other progressives might believe about what to do about this problem.

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