One of the things that bothers people-such as myself-who are in favor of reduced immigration, or even simply opposed to granting citizenship to individuals whose sole case for permanent residency is their serial violation of our immigration laws-is the almost ritualistic, historically and culturally tone deaf abuse heaped upon us by the “no borders now, nor ever” crowd.

I am more than willing to entertain the thought that I’m mistaken on a given political or philosophical stance, and in fact am willing to entertain a debate that will lead me to reconsider my pre-existing views. But what I can’t countenance is the complete ignorance that so many illegal alien enthusiasts embrace when discussing this issue, a perfect illustration of such being the denunciation of SB 1070 by such Constitutional authorities as avowed Marxist Comptroller John Liu.

We are told that the new Arizona law-which is not so novel, in the sense that it’s merely an echo of a federal law that has been in existence for the better part of half a century-is akin to the laws that guided the Third Reich. Forget for a moment the rhetorical excess of these hyperbolic statements. A more salient question is, “do these people know anything about other nation’s immigration laws?”

I will, for the sake of argument, give these activists some credit, and assume that they realize SB 1070 does not entrust Arizona state troopers, sheriffs or police officers with the powers granted to Gestapo agents, or members of the SS or SA. But are these people aware of the vast chasm-in reality, not merely theory-between the lives immigrants-and yes, even illegal aliens-living in the United States, as opposed to migrants and refugees in other nations, enjoy?

I’m not merely speaking of the galling double standard Mexico applies to people who wish to settle in their country, vs. people who it demands we accept into our country unconditionally-although that subject will be addressed in future posts-but the general gulf in quality of life between people who live here-whether legally or illegally-and those who are forced to flee to other countries, which are not nearly so hospitable to newcomers.

A perfect encapsulation of this dichotomy can be found in yesterday’s edition of The New York Times, where “nativist sentiment” seems to be more prevalent than it is in the United States, even in the much-maligned state of Arizona. So prevalent, in fact, that authorities there believe that there will be renewed pogroms against recent refugees from other countries in the Southern tier of Africa, e.g. Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Zambia, among others, once the World Cup concludes with today’s closing ceremonies. I say renewed because there were previous pogroms-resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent women and children-directed against immigrants living in the shantytowns of South Africa. Pogroms perhaps best exemplified by the photographer who captured an indelible, horrific image of a Mozambique immigrant in the last moments of life after being immolated by an blood-thirsty mob.

Contemplate that thought for a moment. We live in a nation where the mere detainment of people who are possibly living here illegally is thought of-by some, at least-as akin to the persecution of a genocidal, fascist regime. Yet we have another country where the mere presence of someone from a neighboring country-driven there not simply by economic necessity, or the inducements of a vast welfare state they seek to exploit, but by the threat of imminent imprisonment and/or death-is cause for summary execution at the hands of enraged native inhabitants.

Now, I realize we have had violent attacks on immigrants and illegal aliens in this country, and although many of them are carried out by other illegal aliens there are also some carried out by lawless American citizens. For example, the Long Island teens who brutally murdered a Central American man, and whose case galvanized the community of illegal alien advocates to condemn Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy-who had nothing to do with this tragedy, and whose opposition to illegal aliens does not even flirt with violent rhetoric.

That being said, the reason  incidents such as the Long Island attacks are so horrifying to the American public is because of our innate compassion, and because of the unique nature of the crimes. Almost every American of every political stripe-no matter how vehemently he or she might be opposed to illegal aliens or their enablers-would shun the notion that we should attack or brutalize any immigrant, or any illegal alien for that matter. That’s a distinction that our opponents don’t seem to want to take into account when they so casually throw around the Nazi analogy. Food for thought.

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