My Super Duper, Awesome Immigration Website!

Granted, that’s not the most cogent summation of the intent or ambition of my website-which will hopefully be devoted to a deeply analytic exploration of the events impacting our society both before and after the implementation of  SB 1070-but then again, this is not intended to be my ultimate website!

In point of fact, this WordPress blog is merely serving as a way station as I work on developing a more permanent base from which to address the twin, inextricably linked, subjects of unrestricted mass immigration and the continued inability of our society’s elite to confront the massive societal problems created by our passive acceptance of the presence of 11-25 million illegal aliens living within our borders.

With any luck-and the able technical assistance of my comrade-in-arms Michael Evanchik-I will be able to use this new forum to postulate the inherent wrongness of both our post-1965 norm of virtually unrestricted immigration and the de facto amnesty that has been enforced by both political parties, and nearly all centers of power, be they clerical, journalistic or academic, for the better part of three decades.

Whether or not my assertions will be accepted by those who are susceptible to the open-borders zealotry propounded by the mass media, single-issue advocacy groups and the like, is open to question. However, I hope that, at the very least, I can convince some skeptical, but inquiring, minds to contemplate this issue through a new frame. To at least consider the reasons why so many Americans are so supportive of the recently enacted Arizona law dealing with the issue of illegal aliens.

If I’m successful in swaying at least a few minds on the subject… Well, it’s a start.

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2 Responses to My Super Duper, Awesome Immigration Website!

  1. Levois says:

    Hello! You should start a blogroll. Before you know it you WILL hit the bigtime. 😛

    I hope you address this idea of illegal immigrants coming to the states because they’re taking jobs Americans are no longer willing to take on. It seems like a common refrain, but I wonder if it’s just plain hot air.

    I look forward to more since apparently I can read this blog on my Blackberry with no effort! 😆

    • I’m going to take it slow for the time being, but I can definitely envision a time in the future when I’ll do the blogroll thing. Thanks for the suggestions, Levois. They’re very much appreciated.

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